Frequently Asked Questions

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What are my degree options in Justice Studies?

You may choose to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice or a Bachelor's Degree in Legal Studies.

What are the requirements to complete a degree in Justice Studies?

Chadron State College requires that students earn 120 hours of credit to graduate. A degree in Criminal Justice satisfies 57 of those hours. A degree in Legal Studies satisfies 48 of those hours. Each degree requires students to complete a core group of classes as well as elective classes in several focus areas. Please see the specific Justice Studies degree requirements.

Do I need to complete any other classes?

Yes. Every student, regardless of field of study, must complete coursework in the Essential Studies Program. Please see the Essential Studies requirements.

If I major in one of the Justice Studies degrees, do I need to complete a minor?

No. Both the Criminal Justice degree and the Legal Studies degree are called comprehensive majors and students who complete one of these programs do not need to complete a minor. However, students are free to pursue a minor and are often encouraged to consider a minor that will complement their area of interest.

I have taken classes at another institution. Will these classes transfer to CSC?

Most likely. CSC and the Justice Studies program accept credits for classes taken at community colleges and four-year colleges. CSC and the Justice Studies program also have agreements with many colleges that allow for most classes to substitute for required classes in our degrees. If you have already earned a two-year Associate of Arts degree, you have also satisfied the Essential Studies requirements at CSC. Please contact a Justice Studies faculty member for answers to questions specific to classes you have completed.

How long will it take to complete my programs of study?

Obviously, the answer will depend on whether you have completed coursework at other schools or whether you are just beginning your studies. Students must complete the required hours for the respective degree as well as the Essential Studies requirements. The length of time to complete programs varies by student, but both programs may be completed in four years provided students successfully complete a full load of classes each semester and provided they plan a course of study with their advisor.

Are internships available? Are internships required?

Yes. All students are encouraged to participate in an internship if possible. Students earn college credit for working in a supervised setting. Internships may be taken for one to twelve credit hours. Internships may also be taken during the Spring, Summer or Fall sessions. Prior approval is required.

Are the Criminal Justice and Legal Studies programs available online?

Selected courses are currently offered online each semester. Please contact the Justice Studies program for more information.

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes. The Justice Studies Department annually awards numerous scholarships to students who pursue Criminal Justice or Legal Studies degrees. These scholarships are made possible by two funds:

  • The Watson Justice Studies Scholarship is awarded to students majoring in Pre-Law, Criminal Justice or Legal Studies.
  • The Justice Studies Donor Designated Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding merit or financial need

Please direct scholarship inquiries to Ms. Kate Pope,